We finished the implementation of Cartoon Rendering Pack v2 (previously, character cel shading pack) and will send the zip file to Epic on Jan. 3rd 2017 when the Epic’s 2016 Holiday sale ends.

In v2, there are following important changes:

  1. New Pack name: The pack name will be changed to “Cartoon Rendering Pack.”
  2. Folder structure: The pack has mainly three top folders: CharacterCelShading, LineDrawing, and SceneDemos. The CharacterCelShading folder contains body and hair materials. The LineDrawing folder contains AllPlatformOutlinePack and PostProcessLine folders. The SceneDemos contains the above teaser map and the Mixamo demo files.
  3. Character demo scene: The above scene map is included in the pack. The character model “figure girl” was modeled by Sharon and shared in Blendswap (http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/67852).
  4. Documentation: The documentation will not be shipped with the pack. Instead, we are preparing public online documentation system, with which we can update the documents in real-time.
  5. A single unified Cel shading (body) material: The previous two cel shading materials were merged into a single material. Users can select the falloff function type by a static switch.
  6. Customizable Hair materials: We introduce our new customizable cel hair materials.
  7. More organized material implementation: We refactored the previous cel shading materials and made it look much simpler and intuitive.
  8. Auxiliary (multiple) lights for Cel body materials: The auxiliary lights are introduced into the cel shading materials. The main purpose of it is to make the diffuse cel boundary shape nicer.
  9. Mobile outline: We included our “All Platform Outline Pack” in this Cartoon Rendering Pack. The All Platform Outline Pack does not use post process. It draws outlines by offsetting the original mesh and well performs in mobile devices.
  10. Post-process lines compatible to UE4.14’s forward shading: We fixed our post-process line material to work with UE4.14’s forward shading. However, this new post process line material does not have crease lines.

There are several things we couldn’t achieve in this version although we tried our best:

  1. Crease Lines (Post process) in UE4.14 forward shading: We tried our best but we couldn’t find a robust way to capture/access pixel normals in the post-process stage of UE4.14’s forward shading. SceneCapture2D node crashes in 4.14.1 when trying to capture normals in the forward shading mode.
  2. A flexible multiple light sources system: We dropped this feature because most related people said it makes the material implementation too complex. Rather than supporting many lights, we decided to add (limited) two auxiliary lights with which we believe many desired cel shading boundary control can be done. We will discuss adding more lights in our online documentation later.
  3. Receiving shadow: We got some ideas to make the cel-shaded models shaded by occluders but failed to implement a robust solution in time because it required too many changes in our implementation. We will keep putting effort to make this feature available.

Find more detail in  http://docs.jiffycrew.com/?docs=cartoon-rendering-pack.


Yongjin Kim
CEO at Jiffycrew