After some investigation, what we found about mobile outline in UE4 is as follows.

1. Hard to implement as PP because no scene texture support in mobile PP.
2. Hard to implement as drawing-twice because no support of front-face culling.
3. Most people implement it as rim-light (or Fresnel) way. But it has limited quality (polygon size and normals affect line quality).

Today we could achieve the following result. It is basically based on the drawing-twice method.

제목 없음.png


The implementation is now included in our All Platform Outline Pack, and also in our Cartoon Rendering Pack. (written on Jan. 04 2017)


One thought on “Why UE4 Mobile Outline is Difficult

  1. Hi! please include in the character cel shading pack ,. i buy it because say’s its intended form “desktop” and “mobile” platforms. And i need outline in mobile T_T pleaaaseeeeee

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